Shedloads of man stuff

A Bexhill resident is so impressed The Mensheds Association - which originated in Australia - that he wants to start his own.

Richard Topping said: “It has no strict set up rules and each one seems to be created by its founders to satisfy its own particular needs. Its overall aim seems to be: to provide a social outlet for likeminded men who have particular skills they want to continue using and want to share with others, and to use those skills to help their community in a wide variety of ways.

“It seems to be aimed at retired members of the community and those approaching retirement who not only pool their skills but also their tools and resources.

I believe it is the most innovative idea that has emerged for years.”

Anyone interested in setting up a “Shed” can contact him on or call 07910 144 656 with a view to arranging an initial meeting to gauge support and interest.