Shocked by car crash at Poundland

car crashes in poundland in ravenside sunday march 23 11.30am
car crashes in poundland in ravenside sunday march 23 11.30am

A little girl escaped serious injury when a driver lost control of his car and hit the front of Poundland in Ravenside on Sunday morning.

She was standing nearby and was clipped by the blue Toyota Rav 4.

Although shaken up she suffered just slight grazing and a bruise to her head and she was taken to the Conquest Hospital but not detained.

The 75 year old man from Battle was uninjured, but also described as being in shock, as were two Poundland employees who were near the entrance.

The front door wall of Poundland was damaged by the vehicle along with a parking bollard.

The accident happened at around 11.30am and all emergency services were called to the scene. Sussex Police have not charged the driver because this was an accident - his car is an automatic and he pushed the wrong pedal.

Customer Lora Morgan told the Observer how she was inside the store chatting with a friend when she heard “a huge crash and fizzing sound.”

She said: “People started running towards the entrance, where a new looking car had blocked the entrance and was pressed against one of the windows of the shop.

It had mounted one of the bollards where, just two minutes beforehand, I had walked past a woman telling her two children - stay right here, dont go walking off - leaving two dogs with them also.

“One of the dogs had been tied to the bollard. People were shouting, the mother of the children was screaming and pushing people aside as an elderly man got out of the car shaking his head.

The two little girls were just inside the store entrance but I didnt see the dogs. A male member of staff held one of the little girls in his arms as he told people to get back - there was diesel leaking out of the car.

I took a picture and posted it onto facebook warning people to stay away before me and my friend were evacuated with all of the other customers. A fire engine arrived quickly along with an ambulance.”

She added: “I didnt sleep that night, all I could think of was if my friend and I had been a couple of minutes later, it could’ve been us getting hit as I’m disabled and couldn’t have run.

“One of the girls was taken to hospital for minor injuries from trying to get out of the way of the car, and my friend Jenny and I both hope that they and their dogs are okay.”