Sidley waits for carnival decision

It’s mid-June but there is still no decision on the route of Bexhill Carnival on Saturday July 26.

The carnival procession has always started from Turkey Road but link road construction is threatening this and there’s an alternative plan to leave from Buxton Drive instead.

Concerns that Sidley will miss out are being raised but a crunch meeting last Wednesday failed to come up with a definite answer.

It seems the whole question of the route hinges on whether or not the Ninfield Road bridge will be closed and East Sussex County Council has not given a firm answer.

A council spokesman said the Link Road project team has been liasing with the Carnival Committee for a number of months and attended the meeting with the police and committee to discuss the route.

“The programme for the Link Road includes closure of the Ninfield Road bridge in mid-July.

“As there are a number of works that need to be completed in order for the diversion route, using the southern section of the link road, to be used we will not close the bridge until these are complete. There is, therefore, a degree of flexibility.

“We have agreed to liaise regularly with the Carnival Committee to update them on any changes to the closure date that may impact the procession route.”

Tammi Goldspink-Saunders, procession manager, commented: “We are currently working with the authorities, link road officials and Rother District Council to review both our options and the feedback we have received from local residents, businesses and traders. We expect to be able to publicise the final route by early July.”