Social housing will be given to local residents

More than 300 affordable homes which could be built as part of a massive redevelopment of North East Bexhill will NOT be given to people from London and Croydon.

A prominent local councillor has blamed the public “misconception” on misleading leaflets distributed to Pebsham homes.

This week Rother District Council has insisted the social housing will be based on “local needs” and give to “local people”.

The district council has earmarked areas North of Pebsham and Sidley for development which could see the construction of as many as 1100 new homes, a new school and more than 50,000sqm of business space.

Thirty percent of the new homes will be social rented and shared ownership housing.

Residents have voiced their anger at the plans and many have said the planned affordable homes will be given to people from London and Croydon (see our letters pages on 6 and 7 for recent examples).

But a spokeswoman from the district council said: “Rother District Council requires affordable homes as part of a new development in North East Bexhill and these are based on local needs and are allocated to local people.

“The actual form of developments proposed by developers will be the subject of consultation to make sure they take account of concerns of local people, as well as ensuring they accord with planning policies and are a credit to the town.”

Pebsham’s Cllr Charlie Clark said he was “angry” about the rumour that 30 percent of the housing would be taken by people from outside the area and felt this was a misconception which needed clearing up. He commented: “There will be 30 percent social housing which will be for people on the Rother District Council allocated housing list.

“We do have that waiting list.

“Housing Associations will take names from that list to provide homes for, but you have to be resident in Rother to be on that list. I am very angry about this.

“I have had older residents phoning me because they are worried about yobs from London. But I know leaflets have been posted through doors on Pebsham Lane and this is where the misconception came from.”

Earlier this month planning permission was granted for a business hub on farmland to the south of the proposed Gateway Road which was approved last summer.