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little common horticultural society summer show
little common horticultural society summer show

Eric Fasey reports: “Even with such difficult conditions again this year and many cries of anguish that their best blooms had ‘gone over’, our gardeners still proved that they could produce a wonderful display.

Although entries were a little lower than last year the hall still looked magnificent and one of the visiting judges said that he was very impressed by the display, adding that LCHS was always one of the best shows he judged.

A continuous stream of people through the door all expressed their appreciation of the work involved in producing such a wealth of colour. (So impressed was one lady that she joined the society and booked a seat for our next outing before she left!)

Our Mayor was an early visitor and during the presentations he admitted that although not a gardener, he left that to the Mayoress, was very complimentary on the standard of entries and we were obviously a successful and happy society.

As usual the tea and cakes were very popular with Joan and her ladies being busy all afternoon.

The flower arrangements on the stage by our other Joan were as usual excellent and walking into the Floral Art room the immediate thought was - why go to Chelsea - we have the equivalent here!

There was much activity at the raffle stall and many thanks for the prizes donated by our supporters in the village, it is much appreciated.

The ever popular plant stall was a ‘hive’ of activity, with Barbara and Pat having a very busy and successful afternoon selling to visitors. (Two ladies travelling from Burgess Hill 
to view the show and buy plants.)

A tiring but very enjoyable day and we thank everyone who helped make it such a success.”

Annual Show Results - 2014

Main Awards

Brand Memorial Bowl –Joan Moss

Best Exhibit in Show

The RHS Banksian Meda –Lal Ratnayake

Highest amount of prize money won in Sections 1 to 4 of the show

The J B Sainsbury Cup –Margaret Steer

Highest total points scored in Sections 1 to 4 of the show

The Devon Cup –John Gent

Best Exhibit of Flowers in Classes 6-18, Class 12

The Gardening Group Challenge Cup –Margaret Steer

Highest Points in the Flower Section

The Collins Cup –Wendy Alexander

Best Exhibit of Flowers in Classes 25-34, Class 27

The Bonsai Cup –John Phipps

Best Exhibit of a Bonsai, Class 36

LCHS Dahlia Certificate –John Gent

Best Exhibit of Dahlias, Class 22

LCHS Sweet Pea Certificate –Pat Raymond

Best Exhibit of Sweet Peas

The William Rogers Memorial Trophy Rodney Reeve

Best Exhibit in the Vegetable Section, Class 54

The John Hood Challenge Cup –Margaret Steer

Best Exhibit of Tomatoes in the Vegetable Section, Class 47

The Barnhorn Challenge Cup –Rodney Reeve

Highest Points in the Vegetable Section

The Kandy Cup –Andrew Leggat

Highest Points in the Fruit Section

The Members’ Challenge Bowl – Margaret Steer

Highest Points in the Members’ Section

The Boase Challenge Cup –Jennifer Smith

Highest Points in the Floral Art Section

The Eleanor Meredith Challenge Cup Wendy Alexander

Best Exhibit in the Floral Art Section, Class 87

The Pearce Challenge Cup –Jennifer Smith

Best Exhibit in Class 89 of the Floral Art Section

The Ladies Challenge Bowl –Sue Garner

Highest Points in the Domestic Section

The Sargent Cup –Margaret Steer

Highest Points in Classes 90-101

The Novices Cup –Sue Garner

Best Exhibit of Caramel Slices

The Sellon Cup –Eurwen Innes

Highest Points in Classes 102-110

The Photography Cup –Mandy Willard

Best Exhibit in the Photography Section, Class 115

LCHS Rose Certificate –Margaret Steer

Best Exhibit of Roses in Classes 1-4, 74 & 75, Class 75

Brand Cup –Margaret Steer

Best Exhibit in Class 100

Flower Class Description Winner

1 Rose - Buttonhole – Mrs Margaret Steer

2 Rose - Specimen – Mrs Vi Pluck

3 Rose - 3 Hybrid Tea – Mrs Vi Pluck

4 Rose - 1 stem – Mrs Margaret Steer

5 Sweet peas – Mrs Pat Raymond

6 Annuals – Mr John Gent

8 A favourite garden flower – Mrs Alison Higgins

9 Asters Double – Mrs Phyl McEwan

10 Penstemons – Mrs Susan Hardy

11 Clematis Blooms - 3 in a dish – Mr John Gent

12 Herbaceous Perennials – Mr John Gent

13 Any Cut Flower – Mr Tim Mehmet

14 Foliage – Mrs Phyl McEwan

15 Flowering Shrub – Mrs Margaret Steer

16 Pansies – Mr Tim Mehmet

19 Grasses – Mr Tim Mehmet

20 Hostas – Mrs Pat Raymond

21 Dahlias - medium decorative – Mr Sam Boyd

22 Dahlias - small decorative – Mr John Gent

25 Pelargonium – Mr Tim Mehmet

26 Streptocarpus – Mrs Margaret Steer

27 Tuberous Begonia – Mrs Wendy Alexander

28 Fuchsia – Mrs Sue Fasey

29 Pot Orchid – Mrs Margaret Steer

31 Foliage Pot Plant – Mrs Margaret Steer

32 Cactus – Mr Lal Ratnayake

33 Succulent Plant – Mr Lal Ratnayake

34 Alpine – Mrs Margaret Steer

35 Bonsai Tree - Evergreen – Mr John Phipps

36 Bonsai Tree - Deciduous – Mr John Phipps

37 Wild Flowers - Childrens – Emily Fasey

2 Vegetable

38 Tray of Vegetables – Mr Lal Ratnayake

39 Potatoes – Mr Lal Ratnayake

41 Beetroot – Mr Rodney D Reeve

42 Runner Beans – Mr Lal Ratnayake

43 French Beans – Mr Lal Ratnayake

44 Onions - smal – Miss Barbara Lenny

46 Tomatoes - indoor grown – Mr Rodney D Reeve

47 Tomatoes - outdoor grown – Mrs Margaret Steer

48 Tomatoes - Cherry Type – Miss Barbara Lenny

49 Salad Vegetables – Miss Barbara Lenny

51 Marrow – Mr & Mrs Sue & Herb Miller

52 Courgettes – Mr Lal Ratnayake

53 Chilli Peppers – Mr Lal Ratnayake

54 Shallots – Mr Rodney D Reeve

56 Cucumber - outdoor grown – Miss Eurwen Innes

57 Cucumber - ‘indoor’ grown Miss Barbara Lenny

59 Culinary Herbs – Mr Paul Barker

60 Vegetable – Mr Lal Ratnayake

61 Novelty - Best Tasting Tomato – Mr Lal Ratnayake

62 Mustard & Cress - Childrens – Emily Fasey

3 Fruit

64 Blackberries – Mr Ian Woodland

65 Raspberries – Mr Ian Woodland

66 Apples - Culinary – Mr Andrew Leggat

68 Plums – Mr Andrew Leggat

69 Fruit – Mr Andrew Leggat


70 Flowering pot plant – Mrs Sue Fasey

71 Pelergonium – Mrs Phyl McEwan

72 Foliage pot plant – Mrs Pat Raymond

73 Foliage – Mrs Sara Barker

74 Specimen Rose – Mr Andrew Leggat

75 Roses – Mrs Margaret Steer

76 Flowers – Mr Andrew Leggat

78 French Beans – Mr Lal Ratnayake

81 Cherry Tomatoes – Mr Rodney D Reeve

82 Carrots – Mr Andrew Leggat

84 Vegetable – Mr Lal Ratnayake

5 Floral Art

85 A Vertical Arrangement – Miss Marion Longhurst

86 A Seaside Garden – Mrs Wendy Alexander

87 An Abstract Design – Mrs Wendy Alexander

88 Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Miss Marion Longhurst

89 Afternoon Tea – Ms Jennifer Smith

6 Domestic

90 Caraway Seed Cake – Mrs Margaret Steer

91 Lemon Drizzle Cake – Mrs Sue Garner

92 Cappuccino Bars – Mrs Margaret Steer

94 Savoury Muffins – Mrs Margaret Steer

95 Bakewell Tart – Mrs Margaret Steer

96 Caramel Slices – Mrs Sue Garner

97 No-cook Chocolate Tart – Mrs Sue Garner

98 Welsh Cakes – Miss Eurwen Innes

99 Fruit Crumble – Miss Eurwen Innes

100 Brioche – Mrs Margaret Steer

101 Salted Caramel Choc Pots – Mrs Sue Garner

102 Jam - Strawberry – Miss Eurwen Innes

103 Jam - Blackcurrent – Miss Eurwen Innes

104 Jam - Stone fruit – Mr Andrew Leggat

105 Jam - Any other – Mrs Margaret Steer

106 Jelly – Miss Eurwen Innes

107 Marmalade - Orange – Mrs Margaret Steer

108 Lemon Curd – Miss Eurwen Innes

109 Chutney – Miss Eurwen Innes

7 Photography

112 Looking Up – Miss Mandy Willard

113 Autumn Colour – Miss Mandy Willard

114 Reflection – Mrs Margaret Steer

115 Shadows – Miss Mandy Willard

116 Rough Sea – Mr Ian Woodland

117 Down in the Wood - Childrens – Emily Fasey

8 Crafts

118 Beaded Item – Mrs Gloria Ratnayake

119 Toy Anima – Mrs Joan Moss

121 Painting ‘Landscape’ – Mrs Gloria Ratnayake

123 A Painting of a Garden - Childrens – Emily Fasey

124 A Robot - Children’s Class – Harry Fasey