Summer activity for fairtrade campaigners

Buying fairtrade bananas to ensure a fairer life for others is a priority for many in Bexhill say campaigners.

The Bexhill Fairtrade committee has been collecting signatures from residents demanding this should be a 100% fairtrade banana town, and report that two of the main supermarkets are backing their efforts by stocking nothing but ethically produced bananas.

The group is still concerned that only one in three of the 13 million bananas eaten every day in the UK is fairly traded, and member Alan Bearne said: “That means that more than half bananas sold are unfair and support child labour today - those children should be having an education for their future.”

The group’s presence at local venues such as St Peter and St Paul’s school summer fair and Our Lady’s Church has helped boost their campaign for fairtrade rice which will help pay for secondary education fo children in Malawi.

Maria Goptereva, a Year 11 pupil of Bexhill High, said: “I’m pleased to be involved in this rice challenge because I believe every one child should have a secondary education. What kind of future waits for you if you dont qualify from school?”.

Angela Hamill, headteacher of St Peter and St Paul’s, said: “We’re so pleased with the wonderful Fairtrade project in Year 2 to inspire pupils to build a fairer, more just society for all, and share our resources and ideals.”

Lesley Shareif of the Bexhill Fairtrade committee added: “We would like to congratulate the school for providing an opportunity for people of Bexhill to connect positively with poor farmers in these tough times by seeking out goodies with Fairtrade logo -- it’s what we would like if we walked in their shoes - if they can afford shoes.”