The chosen Thew

Michelle Thew labour candidate for Bexhill and Battle
Michelle Thew labour candidate for Bexhill and Battle

Getting busy around Bexhill and Battle is Michelle Thew on whom Labour supporters are pinning their hopes in the next general election.

She was chosen in April as Labour’s candidate for Bexhill and Battle and is working to get herself, and what she stands for, known before she confronts Conservative MP Greg Barker for real in front of the ballot-box.

Michelle, who lives in Hove, is a 49 year old mother who’s had a varied and successful career fighting for the rights of the vulnerable and feels now the time is right to focus her attention on politics.

She has worked in social justice, in animal protection and children services, and is currently working for a global animal protection charity agency.

She told the Observer that in a traditionally Conservative safe seat it will be “very good” if people hear another voice and understand that Mr Barker is being challenged.

She has made a committtment to fight the seat as if it were marginal and become active and engaged in the community.

She has been a member of the Labour Party all her life but feels this is the moment to combine her skills and experience with her ideals and begin to win over local support and votes.

Michelle sees an important part of her new role is to help strengthen Labour representation in local councils and help people to see the Labour Party is “a viable alternative”.

On her to-do list is to become a visible presence while showing voters they have choice, to make Greg Barker accountable for the coalition’s policies, to ensure a challenge and opposition to him, and make sure the public knows what her Labour policies are while listening to the concerns of consituents in our area.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with her call on 07516 501019, or email on