The doors of NatWest branch in Little Common have closed for the last time

nat west closure in little common
nat west closure in little common

Little Common has lost its last remaining bank with the closure of the NatWest.

The doors were shut finally on July 25 at 3.30pm - a moment captured by passer-by Chris Livings who sent in this photograph.

This was described as “a very sad day” by the chairman of Little Common and Cooden Business Association, Kathy Harmer, who campaigned against the departure of NatWest but felt “unfortunately it was a done deal.”

The association organised a public meeting with representatives of NatWest as well as residents and traders in the community who wanted to know how their financial dealings could be managed in future. Also there was Cllr Stuart Earl and Steve Fenton from the Post Office who will provide some financial services.

Kathy said: “I do know that lots of people went in there to see the staff and took gifts. But on behalf of this association we did everything we could to stop it happening, with holding the public meeting, but unfortunately it seems it was a done deal, and this appears to be happening nationally.

“As a village we have to carry on doing what we do well - which is giving a really good service in our shops and businesses.

“I do think some businesses will certainly be affected, people that deal a lot in cash and don’t have credit card machines - they will have to make trips into Bexhill, and will have all those parking issues to deal with.

“I think NatWest has let people down badly. It is investing elsewhere to make other branches look plush, but what people really want is to be able to go into their own branch.

“ I do know quite a few people have closed their accounts and opened with Nationwide in protest, but it doesn’t deal with business banking, only personal.

“But if people do decide to do that in protest it can only be better for the village, because they will still shop locally and as businesses we appreciate every little bit. It helps, more than they think it does. Business-wise the Post Office is gearing up and should be able to supply a service to businesses - it will just be a bit of a hassle for us.”