The history and origins of Earl’s Bakery in Bexhill

Stuart Earl and the Earl's Bakery hand cart
Stuart Earl and the Earl's Bakery hand cart

A large audience was given an amusing and interesting talk by Stuart Earl on the history and origins of Earl’s Bakery, starting from how the business was started by his grandfather and grandmother, and encompassing two world wars and many trials and tribulations along the way.

Stuart had many hilarious anecdotes about his own experiences as a baker, making it impossible to look at a cream doughnut in the same way ever again, but also told of the hard work and some of the difficulties involved with keeping the business going over the years.

He talked of horse drawn carts, and delivery boys with bicycles, painting a picture of days gone by, when his grandfather first started the family business.

Stuart has donated a horse cart and a hand cart, both painted with the Earl’s Bakery livery, to Bexhill Museum for posterity.

He told of the difficulties experienced due to shortages of ingredients during the two wars and also, as an independent bakery, managing to supply bread during the bread strikes of the 1960s, and resisting being taken over by one of the big bread manufacturers, such as Mother’s Pride in the 1970s.

Stuart finished his talk by saying that although the bakery had been through difficult times, and suffered hardships, his lasting memories are of a wonderful team of workers, all pulling together and of the humour and camaraderie shared.

The next lecture is on the subject of Beekeeping by Dr Mick Lynn at St Augustine’s Church Hall, Cooden Drive at 2:30 on Wednesday 16 April. Admission £3 members, £4 non-members, refreshments included.