Thieves targetting sheds and garages in Bexhill - police warn residents

Thieves are targeting sheds and garages around Bexhill for valuable possessions, according to Sussex Police

Sergeant Mark Evans has urged Bexhill residents to report crime to police at the very earliest opportunity to give them the best chance of catching the offenders.

The message comes after garages, sheds and other outbuildings in the town have been targeted by criminals.

All reports of crime are taken seriously and an immediate report can make a big difference, while other measures can be taken to help prevent crime.

Sergeant Evans said: “I would therefore like to remind you all to consider your home security.

“Criminals will often target outbuildings which often contain valuable property including gardening equipment such as strimmers, chainsaws and lawnmowers.

“Remember to ensure that your outbuildings are secure and locked at all times and, where possible, consider getting security lighting and an alarm fitted.

Also, remember to take note of the serial numbers of your valuable equipment and consider signing up to which is the nation’s crime property website and aids the police in reuniting seized stolen goods to their rightful owners.”

Sergeant Evans and his team are taking new steps to reduce crime rates and are targeting key areas with more efficiency than before.

“In Bexhill, we have recently forged an operational partnership with British Transport Police.

“My Bexhill Officers now have an office at Bexhill train station to be able to work remotely from.

“The ability to be posted at the train station will enable officers to better ensure the public transport system is safe for members of the public, and also increase our chances to catch any potential criminals looking to use the train system to get in or out of Bexhill.”

Please continue to report suspicious activity on 101, but always dial 999 in an emergency.