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community bus
community bus

Bexhill Town Team has produced printed timetables for Bexhill Community Bus. The timetables are also available from the Town Team’s web site http://www.bexhilltownteam.org.uk/8/visit/. The project was paid for by businesses advertising on the timetables. The printed timetables are yellow just like the buses.

The Community Bus is a volunteer run service that covers parts of the town not covered by the commercial services. About 150 people travel into the town centre every day using the service.

Anyone can use the service. It stops at ordinary bus stops but also will stop for anyone who waves the driver to stop, providing it is safe to do so.

The Community Bus service is always looking for volunteers to drive, conduct or to work in the office. If you would like to help please contact them on 01424 222820, info@bexhillcommunitybus.co.uk