Town Forum rocked by sudden resignations

Bexhill Town Forum must find new leadership following the shock departure of both chairman Paul Plim and vice-chair Nick Hollington.

This news comes ahead of the next Forum which is on Tuesday and neither wish to comment on what has happened until afterwards.

Paul Plim decided not to say anything for fear it would take focus away from the meeting “that many good people have worked long hours over to put together.”

However another member of the executive committee spoke of disagreements which led to the resignations and said: “It has been a nightmare - a desperate situation. The whole thing has been unbearable.”

Founder of Bexhill Town Forum Margaret Jones said of the leadership issue: “This is just an unfortunate hiccough. We shall get over it, starting with a good meeting on Tuesday. We have plans for the future in place. It will have no effect on the Forum itself.”

Member Jackie Bialeska told the Observer: “We have a good united team now. If we stick together we are fine because we are good experienced people and we have three well stocked forums coming up with plenty of enlightening and controversial presentations. We have stacks of stuff coming up that people will be interested in.”

Plans to make the Colonnade a ‘fascinating’ centre of interest to attract residents and visitors will be described at the meeting on April 15.

Janet Bussche, who runs the vintage tea room in the Colonnade, has plans to expand and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in the evening, with entertainment such as Punch and Judy for children and music at weekends.

“Not too intrusive but the sort that I think will go down well with many Bexhill residents,” she said.

There will be plenty going on for adults who will be able to enjoy the entertainment in comfort even when it is raining outside.

Janet has been digging into the history of the Grade 2 listed building and found many surprising facts that should interest those attending the Forum.

The meeting will be at St Peter’s Community Centre in Old Town starting at 6.30pm with refreshments available from 6pm.

Residents will also hear the latest about Rother’s planned changes to the Oasis garden on the seafront. Another contentious issue is the ongoing traffic holdups in Sidley, so an officer from East Sussex County Council will explain what is being done to alleviate local transport difficulties caused by construction work on the link road.

There will be an opportunity for individuals to speak for up three minutes on matters of interest or concern.

A special Forum meeting devoted entirely to parking in the town will take place at St Barnabas church at the junction of Sea Road and Cantelupe Road on Tuesday May 6 at 6.30pm.