Tributes to Bexhill High pastoral manager Jenny

One of the pastoral managers at Bexhill High died shortly before Christmas after a battle with illness.

Fellow staff have been paying tribute to Jenny Lake, who in her time at Bexhill High made a significant difference to the lives of many students and their families.

She started at the school on the Down Road site, working as an Exit Manager, and dealt with students who were unable to remain in the lesson.

Her skill in communicating and empathising with young people was quickly recognised and Jenny was later appointed as a head of house, with a responsibility for the pastoral care of students throughout the school.

Colleague Trudy Hillman said, “Jenny flourished in this role. She made a point of knowing student names, getting to know them and making them feel that they were important to her. The happiness and welfare of every child was priority for Jenny and her commitment to working with those students, parents and carers to support them was paramount.” On moving to the new school site, Jenny became a pastoral manager within Key Stage 3, supporting students through their first years within Bexhill High.

Trudy continued: “Jenny was also a valued member of our school community by the staff. She would actively seek out staff needing a friendly face or a listening ear and was always ready to support in any way she could. In moments of crisis or emergencies, Jenny would be there – always a team player.

“We will remember Jenny for many things - her wicked sense of humour, her caring nature, her hard work and her dedication. Jenny was a well–respected and invaluable member of our school community – the messages sent from studentsand ex-students, are testimony to how much she will be missed both at Bexhill High and within the wider community.’