Turning clock back to the forties

MEMORY Lane beckons for residents at BUPA’s Grosvenor Park and Ancaster Court care homes in Bexhill when they turn the clock back to hold 1940s “war themed” reminiscence parties.

On Monday from 2.30pm the ball starts rolling with a party at Grosvenor Park nursing and residential home in Brookfield Road, at which people are invited to join staff and residents in recalling events of 70 years ago.

The highlight of the afternoon will be a visit by the Land Army Girls, who will be sharing memorabilia from the Second World War and leading the singing of songs of the period.

On Friday, November 16, again at 2.30pm, a similar party will take place at Ancaster Court Nursing Home in Hastings Road, Bexhill - again with the Land Army Girls leading the way and again with local people welcome to join in.

Jackie O’Callaghan, manager at Grosvenor Park, said: “Talking about the good old days and sharing happy memories from times gone by is something all our residents love to do, and they have no trouble in telling us a few stories.

“What’s great is that they can all get involved with reminiscing, no matter what their age. People who might have difficulty remembering what’s happened recently can have vivid memories from the past.”

Staff have no doubts that sharing memories can make a big difference to residents’ well-being, and to help families capture cherished moments, BUPA has created a “Map of Life” tool, available online at: www.bupa.co.uk/mapoflife.