Vinyl not viral - old school rules for music fans

Nick Saloman at Eras of Style
Nick Saloman at Eras of Style

Sales of vinyl records are soaring across Britain - up 44 percent in the first half of this year - while online giant Amazon reports 100 percent growth year upon year.

It’s a fact which comes as no surprise to Nick Saloman who opened a stall in Bexhill’s Eras Of Style to sell his vast collection of vintage records stashed away in crates.

Music has been Nick’s lifelong passion since a child in the 1960’s when his mother took him to see bands such as the Beatles at Hammersmith Odeon in 1963, and the Rolling Stones at the Albert Hall in 1966.

He is a musician who achieved cult status with his band The Bevis Frond in the 1980’s. His first album, Miasma, became an under-the-radar success he was not expecting, and since then he has made 21 albums over 28 years.

“The music is a bit psychedelic, a bit poppy, a mixture of all the things I like,” he said. “People say its a cross between Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jnr with Jimi Hendrix thrown in. But I do write nice little acoustic songs as well so it is not just-in-your-face loud rock n’ roll, I like my folk side as well.”

Nick’s band this year has already been on tour in Europe, played the 100 Club, a festival in Belgium, and will be visiting Oslo in November.

Having collected albums for years Nick recently realised he didn’t need to keep all of them, and started Platform 1 Records. On the first day a visitor snapped up the most expensive - Andromeda - and since then he has noticed a stream of customers coming back. He did his future customers would be mainly middle aged men but has been surprised to see youngsters turning up eager for the joy of browsing through the selves. he said: “Vinyl has that bit of cache now. It is an aesthetic thing - a vinyl record is a substantial thing, with artwork, and people seem to prefer the sound to CD’s. And you are hardly going to be able to pass on your download collection.”

The Bevis Frond will be playing an acoustic gig at Eras Of Style on Thursday October 19 - tickets available at Music’s Not Dead in Devonshire Road.