Vital protection from aggressive dogs

Changes to the law on dangerous dogs “cannot come quick enough” for Bexhill’s postmen and women.

Legislation set to come into force in May will ensure harsher punshishments for owners as well as tougher dog controls laws.

Communications Workers Union branch spokesman Paul Plim told the Observer: “Each year we have postmen and women attacked by the so-called pets of Bexhill.

Remember your article just the other week about the death of a dog after a vicious attack by another in the beach area at South Cliff? Well, one of my members has to deliver mail to that out-of-control dogs house.

Just last week one of my members had to run to safety as an out-of-control dog chased him down the driveway to a property.

He narrowly missed being bitten as he took refuge in his van.”

He added: “The sad thing is though, that this is reactionary legislation and only comes into force after the event. What is needed is preventative legislation. Preventing reckless people from owning violent dogs...many people seem to forget that a millionaire’s dog’s bite is just as painful as the bite of a dog owned by someone who is on the dole.

“We shall see over time if the threat of a fine or prosecution stops this senseless toll of maimed postal workers each year from violent dogs, and we hope it reduces the amount of postal workers attacked each year.”

The CWU has campaigned for amendments to UK Dangerous Dogs Legislation and members were told how both the House of Commons and House of Lords on March 11 agreed on the detail. This means the Bill now enters the final commencement phase before becoming an Act of Parliament.

The amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 are the first significant changes in 23 years and will see tougher dog control laws in May. The CWU which represents over 200,000 postal and telecommunication workers - claimed this will bring “significant improvements” to the lives of thousands of workers.