Volunteer to be part of growing youth movement

Scouting in the Senlac area - which includes Bexhill, Little Common and Ninfield - continues to flourish and develop locally with an increase in youth numbers to over 600.

Four local Scouts will be attending the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Kirara-hama, next summer, and Louise McCarthy, an Explorer Leader in Robertsbridge has been selected to be an Assistant Leader to go with the East Sussex contingent.

Scouting is now ‘global’ at local level with visits to Uganda, France, Austria and Belgium some of the experiences gained by Scouts and Explorers but also their adult volunteers.

Since 2006 youth membership across the UK has grown to 433,859 and adult membership to 100,757, but it is reported some 40,000 young people are unable to enter scouting due to lack of sufficient adult volunteers, and it is hoped more will come forward to help Scouting achieve its aims for the future.

Local spokesman David King said: “Scouting is growing locally and making a difference in the community. Scouting is not only fun for Scouts but also for volunteer adults. Why not join the experience? Contact Harry Saunders on 01424 211465 to discuss what you can do to help whether it’s an hour a week or simply some admin.”