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A financial advisor is warning Bexhill residents to be on their guard against a potential scam offering a free pension review.

Paul Butler, who works for 1st Call for Mortgages, is urging people to look out for what he believes could be a telephone conman posing as a pension expert. Mr Butler contacted the Observer and said: “I received a call on February 25 and the lady that called suggested she was calling from the Pensions Service offering a free pensions review. I have been a Financial Adviser since 1991 and know that they just do not do that.

“I tackled her about it and said the Pensions Service do not contact people offering this type of service and asked who she was really calling from. I asked who she was regulated and authorised by as I am a financial adviser authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. She admitted it was a marketing company and I then informed her that presumably they screen their phone numbers through the Telephone Preference Service which you are required by law to do if you make cold calls. If they had of done they would have found my number on it and not called me. When I informed her she was committing an offence on a number of issues she hung up. If you try to call the company you get an automated message saying your call will be answered by the next available agent but then it hangs up saying goodbye. I have notified Sussex Police who advised me to contact Trading Standards. I have also informed the Information Commissioners Office regarding the data protection breach and of course spoken to the Pensions Service who have notified their security dept.