Warning for child safety on chatroom site

Bexhill High parents are being warned that their children need to be kept safe when using the internet.

Sussex Police approached the academy to bring attention to a website called OOVOO which is becoming popular with pupils.

It is a chat room site where children can video chat with to up to 12 of their friends at any one time.

Sussex Police have received information that people, older males in particular, are misusing the site, causing distress to younger people.

Parents were told: “Please be aware that your children have control over who they speak to on OOVOO.

“They need to set their privacy settings and to only accept requests from people they know.

“It is extremely rare for people to hack into an account however if you believe this is the case you should make contact with OOVOO themselves immediately.

The site has information on how to set the privacy settings and who to contact in case of a problem.

If these guidelines have been followed and there is still a problem then please contact Sussex Police by telephoning the non-emergency number 101.”

Bexhill High’s Trudy Hillman told the Observer: “We were made aware of OOVO0 by PC Sarah Ellis and as a result have sent out some information for parents/carers to make them aware of the site and have reiterated to parents/carers how they can keep their children safe on the internet.”