Watch out for aggressive Staffies warns dog owner

A dog owner whose pet was attacked by two Staffordshire terriers is warning others to be aware of the danger.

Gill Dugan was last Thursday 6.10am walking along the sea wall at Southcliff with her two dogs - one a Pointer and the other a miniature Dachshund which weighs under 4kg and wa son a lead.

Gill said: “Two Staffy dogs attacked my Dachshund causing some nasty injuries to her shoulder. I took her straight to the emergency vet, she has lost a lot of blood and may yet need a transfusion and is severely traumatised. The man said absolutely nothing. I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything either, and after pulling his dogs off he ran away. He also had another dog with him, a white Westhighland terrier, which was not involved.

“I have bites to my hand - yes, I know you shouldn’t put your hand in the way when a dog (or two) attacks, but it is human nature to intervene.

“I want to warn people to beware of this man and his dogs - he called out and said ‘they won’t bite’ so I didn’t pick up my dog as I often do when I see others charging towards her.” She has reported the attack.