Why no ban on camper vans along West Parade?

Travellers at West Parade, Bexhill. 20/8/13
Travellers at West Parade, Bexhill. 20/8/13

West Parade residents have expressed concern about travellers’ vehicles parking in line along the road but now neighbour John Ellis is asking - why are camper vans banned from Galley Hill but not this stretch of the seafront?

He said: “It can not be for safety reasons as the road is very much wider there than West Parade, and as was reported there are no safety issues in West Parade... Why do we now have them in a narrower road, which has more parking problems on a hot day as we are nearer town and people park to eat in the Sovereign Light cafe?”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We have been working with Rother District Council to restrict the use of the eastern end of De La Warr Parade for motor caravans, in response to concerns from local residents.

“This restriction has been introduced on an experimental basis so that its effectiveness can be monitored.

“We will continue to discuss the effectiveness of this approach with the district council so that they can decide if there is a more appropriate and effective solution to this type of problem.

“While we are able to introduce parking restrictions that limit the use of the highway, there is a lengthy legal process that needs to be followed before they can be introduced and it would not be possible to implement any additional restrictions before the end of the summer.

“Any new parking restrictions will need to be considered as part of our overall work, bearing in mind factors such as any traffic management and road safety issues which may be present.”