Woodsgate Park Bridge

There are no prizes for guessing the topic of my latest instalment; The bridge at Woodsgate Park - we are now into July and still not open.

What’s worse no word of explanation or apology from either our wonderful council or the circus act in charge of the Link Road project.

To digress for a few seconds, if a name is required for the new road, if or when it is ever finished, how about the Shambles?

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I refer to your excellent paper issue April 18 2014, I quote ‘Woodsgate Park Bridge is due to re-open at the end of this month’. Also East Sussex County Council pledged to keep residents updated on all works. How? By smoke signals? Because up to now myself and neighbours have received no word, only from your paper not the council.

Also, we are told the Ninfield Road Bridge will close June 2014 until December 2014. This should be fun with both bridges closed!

Its not just the contempt that the council and construction company obviously hold local residents in, its the concern that they couldn’t organise a *** up in a brewery that springs to mind.

No doubt I shall drop you another line if, or when, the Woodsgate Park Bridge opens or not and all concerned will be in your excellent paper crowing and congratulating themselves on a job well done and on time as well.

Well, I must go and join the traffic jam and with luck I’ll get to the local shops in time to do my Christmas shopping.

Until next time.

J.L Vanne

Grange Court Drive