Working to a fairer future by calling for support in Bexhill

fairtrade campaginers at bexhill's sainsburys
fairtrade campaginers at bexhill's sainsburys

International Fairtrade Day was celebrated by local campaigners who have been urging residents and businesses to buy and sell ethically produced goods - such as fairtrade bananas.

They visited Sainsbury’s where staff joined with the Bexhill Fairtrade Town group to highlight many products that can help poor producers move out of poverty into health and education.

Lesley Shareif reminded the team that Desmond Tutu once said poverty is not an incurable disease, but is man-made, and man can solve it.

They encouraged customers to sign the petition calling for Bexhill to be a 100 percent Fairtrade Banana Town and to ask Vince Cable to investigate the sustainability of rapid spiraling downwards of banana pricing.

To find out how to sign the petition call 01424 214605 or 01424 845225. The group is urging for local support and asking people in Bexhill to help it reach at least 1,000 signatures.

Chairman Jack Doherty said: “The Fairtrade Committee are very grateful for all the support.”