Young musicians at the pavilion

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Young musicians took centre stage at the De La Warr Pavilion recently for a rooftop concert that showcased the huge array of creative talent in Rother.

A series of sets by seven local bands and eight solo artists went down a storm with the audience, and reached even further through a live broadcast on the student radio station Bexhill FM.

Bad weather meant organisers changed the original plan, which was to host the gig on the pavilion rooftop, switching the stage to the first floor cafe area.

But it made no difference to the performance quality. Artists from all over Bexhill and Hastings stunned concert-goers with a mixture of rock, punk, metal, and solo vocal work.

“The acts were amazing, truly talented and dedicated young people all with their own individual styles of music,” said Tracy Gilbert, education co-ordinator at the pavilion. “It was a very enjoyable evening, and one that I hope will be repeated very soon.”

The seven local bands that played were Written in the Sand, Liquid Chaos, Super Flaw, Back to Basics, And Now The Weather, Vile Discectomy, and Christian rock band Saving Strike, who closed the mini-festival.

Solo performers included Michelle Mungen, Illicit, Hazey, Sam, Lokesh, Intruda & Kidzie, and Molly Tucker.

The evening, billed as the “Rocking From the Rooftops” gig, was the result of several partners working together to create opportunities for young people to explore their reativity.

Leading the partners was Rhythmix - a leading UK music charity working across the South East. Sam Halligan, who co-ordinated the rooftop gig for Rhythmix, described the gig as, “a wonderful reflection of the work the young people have put in,”