A dumping ground

AN open letter to Rother District Council (RDC): It is with open-mouthed incredulity that I see the “homeless” hostel in London Road has applied for a change to its planning regulations, in that it now wishes to take in residents from “outside the local area”.

This organisation has already been one of the biggest public relations disasters RDC has ever made (no mean feat in itself) and this latest request must be rejected if you have any scruples or consideration for your citizens at all.

Already boasting one of the worst behaviour and lack of control records in Bexhill, this place will surely become 100 times worse if “residents” are allowed in from anywhere in the country.

Similar schemes nationwide with such a lax open-door policy have been used as dumping grounds by neighbouring and particularly London boroughs intent on ridding themselves of their worst cases.

The current hostel owners - it seems the “charities” running the place change names every year or so - cannot control the few local youths already there, so how they will manage with outside yobbos drafted into the area one dreads to imagine.

It’s not as if there is any work in Bexhill as it is, so no doubt the new residents will just be added to the ever-growing local list of unemployed.

This planning request also proves what many have known all along - that there is not a sufficient homeless problem within Rother anyway - making this hostel surplus to requirements and a waste of local taxpayers’ money.

If the stated need that allowed this place to be built initially is no longer there, it has served its purpose and needs to close.

If these other outside people require such a service then it is up to the business running the place to move to the area where the need is - not import other boroughs’ problem cases into our once quiet town.

Rother will just become a dumping ground if this planning request is approved: we don’t want imported problems on top of those we already have.


London Road