Art and sole - come and join in says DLWP

shoes art piece at Dream showroom in Sackville road
shoes art piece at Dream showroom in Sackville road

Take part in our art is the call from the DLWP as it runs two community projects set to inspire and entertain.

The DLWP has temporarily taken over the former Dreams showroom in Sackville Road and is inviting the public inside to talk about shoes. Already there is the Community Theatre Collective, Hallucinating Angels, ready to listen to thoughts and memories.

“You will never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes” said Frances Viner, of Hallucinating Angels.

“We are keen to listen to the stories of people’s shoes and the journeys you have taken in them. We’ll capture your stories on film and use them as inspiration for a community theatre performance which will take place at the De La Warr Pavilion in November.”

Hallucinating Angels are in the Dreams Showroom from 10–4pm every day except Sunday and Monday until July 12.

Among visitors so far has been a nearby resident who loaned some orange Vivienne Westwood shoes which he wore to a party and met rocker Lenny Kravitz, while another came wearing boots he climbed Mount Everest in.

Curator David Rhodes commented: “Everyone has some sort of emotional connection with at least one pair of shoes. We all have a pair that remind us of some event, celebration, relationship, interview. They are very evocative objects.”

At the same time Claudia Kappenburg, an acclaimed performance artist, is busy working on Scooter Murmeration, and asking local people who use mobility scooters to practise moving like a choreographed group for a special performance on July 5. You can meet Claudia every Friday at 3pm on the Pavilion terrace to join in.