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Theatre & Comedy

Comedian Mark Thomas goes back to his roots

Mark Thomas is performing his award-winning Red Shed show at St Mary In The Castle on the evening of Wednesday November 9.

Theatre and Comedy
Russell Kane at the White Rock Theatre

Right Man, Wrong Age

Age is just a number, right? Anyone who is 16 years old yet feels 21, or 40 but faking 25, or even 80 but on great form will know just how true that saying is.

Theatre and Comedy
Jon Richardson at the De La Warr Pavilion SUS-161019-084006001

Old Man tour for Jon Richardson comes to Bexhill

Comedian Jon Richardson first won acclaim for his solo show about his obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

Theatre and Comedy

Icons of poetry in unique show from local actor

A Meeting Of Minds is a skillful weaving together of work by three giants of British poetry and literature - John Betjeman, Philip Larkin and Alan Bennett.

A Pocketful of Grimms at the White Rock Theatre

Half-term magic in family theatre at White Rock

Magical stories from the brothers Grimm come to life in a new family play by award-winning company, Story Pocket Theatre, with A Pocketful of Grimms.

Theatre and Comedy
Three Kings at the Stables Theatre in Hastings

Magical, humorous, and a sense of pride on our heritage

1066 Three Kings is a modern theatrical interpretation of the Battle of Hastings, retold on its 950th anniversary.

Theatre and Comedy
Rob Brydon SUS-160410-140106001

Back on the road after eight years with major tour

You might currently be loving Rob Brydon as host of Would I Lie To You? on Friday night TV, and a marvellous start to the weekend it is too.

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The cast of 1984 at the Playhouse Theatre. Picture: Manuel Harlan

REVIEW: 1984 at the Playhouse Theatre, London

1984 has become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Theatre and Comedy
This House at the Minerva


Minerva Theatre
23 September  29 October PPP-160930-105120001

REVIEW: This House by James Graham at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre

The political shenanigans of the summer may have given the impression that parliamentary turbulence was a new concept.

Theatre and Comedy
Simon and Garfunkel tribute at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings SUS-160921-095132001

Paying homage to icons of 1960’s music

Incredibly it has been been 50 years since legendary duo Simon and Garfunkel recorded their first hit single The Sound of Silence.

Theatre and Comedy
Lorraine Bowen at Kino Teatr SUS-160920-110728001

Eccentric, fun and marvellous in St Leonards

Brace yourself for a rollicking good time - Cabaret Crumble (with bells on) comes from Lorraine Bowen bringing her show to St Leonards next Friday evening (September 30).

Theatre and Comedy
All That Malarkey

REVIEW: All That Malarkey beside the seaside at Bognor Regis

Even the name has a certain eccentric deliciousness about it: All That Malarkey.

Theatre and Comedy
Rye Arts Festival - For All Time, a play about John Fletcher SUS-160830-111302001

Top theatre at Rye Arts Festival

An exciting variety of professional theatre is offered at this year’s Rye Arts Festival from September 17 until October 1.

Theatre and Comedy
Romeo and Juliet

REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet, GB Theatre Company at The Collector Earl’s Garden at Arundel Castle as part of the Arundel Festival

The final lines, uttered by the Prince of Verona, sum up the desperate nature of this Shakespearean classic: ‘For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.’

Theatre and Comedy
Hastings Fringe performance arts festival

Performance at the fringe

The second Hastings Fringe performance arts festival runs from August 30 to September 4 with over 50 performances from upcoming and established local and national professional talent.

Theatre and Comedy
Miss Betsy Rose in an evening of burlesque at Printworks SUS-160823-155015001

Beautiful burlesque and a night of dance at Printworks

BUST, an extravagant night of Burlesque and bass beats comes to the Printworks on September 3 from 8pm.

Theatre and Comedy
No Man's Land, Credit: Johan Persson

Review: No Man’s Land (Theatre Royal, Brighton, until Saturday, August 27)

Seeing any play by Harold Pinter demands several questions of its audience: What is actually going on? What do we think is going on? What does the playwright believe is going on? What do the characters think is going on?

Theatre and Comedy
William Gaunt as company head John Anthony, pictured far right. Picture: Johan Persson SUS-160819-102526001 SUS-160819-102526001

REVIEW: Strife at Minerva Theatre, Chichester

It was first staged more than a century ago. Like the tin plate works on the Welsh borders where it’s set, it has become something of an industrial museum piece - rarely revisited despite being penned by John Galsworthy of The Forsyte Saga fame.

Theatre and Comedy
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