A rollercoaster ride through an epic story of life and love

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I was fortunate to catch Performers Coming Together - The Revue Show at The Beacon starring Carol Prior, Mike Hatchard, Sally Holloway, Sheila Hyde and Rupert Blunderbus.

They are a group of local writers who have a background in performance - musicians, stand up comics, actors and actresses. The first half of the show was a lively compilation of songs, sketches, monologues and characters whilst the second was a longer piece: Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me The Girl, written by one member of the group.

This year Carol Prior was showcasing her work with a musical exploration and celebration of one woman’s love, lust and longing for other women, with the other group members in support.

I last saw Carol perform at The Beacon five years ago. She is always brilliant but she was particularly brilliant on this night. She gave a wonderful performance and I saw how she has become stronger by being part of this group of performers. Carol established a close rapport with the audience from her first dramatic entrance decked out in siver sequinned waistcoat, top hat and tails. She had her guests laughing and occasionally shedding a tear as she took us on a rollercoaster emotional ride through songs of life and love, sharing with us the joys and sorrows of moments of her life’s journey, bringing the evening to a satisfying conclusion with a song encouraging audience participation aptly named Something Ends And Something Begins. Judy Dewsbury hosted the event in the magical setting of her home, where we enjoyed drinks, cake and chat before and after the show. By Barbara Martin.