Buxton or Bust - vision is now reality

Buxton Or Bust - by Margaret Amey
Buxton Or Bust - by Margaret Amey
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Last summer Margaret Amey made an appeal for performers to join her in a new show based on the music of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Out of this came Mad Margaret’s Minstrels, made up of old friends and people who had never worked together before. Now the show they have been working on, Buxton or Bust, goes on stage at St John’s Hall, Bexhill, from June 23-27.

Buxton or Bust carries on the best traditions of those two great satirists Gilbert and Sullivan incorporating 32 of their best songs, including four finales. Part melodrama, part ghost story the plot follows some of G&S’s own stories including weaving in quotes from the shows. Most songs are left as they were written with the plot knitting them together into a modern situation with musical references to all but one of their operettas. Buxton or Bust involves the machinations of a wayward daughter, a property developer and an amorous Health and Safety Inspector. Details on www.buxtonorbust.co.uk. For tickets ring 01424 842191 or Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill.