Bexhill classes help with early motherhood

A Bexhill mum who had a ‘miracle’ baby has devised a range of classes to help mum’s who are struggling with early motherhood and is holding a charity Bump and Baby Show later in the summer.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 5:00 pm
Terry Lewis and miracle daughter Alice SUS-191206-153458001
Terry Lewis and miracle daughter Alice SUS-191206-153458001

Terry Lewis struggled with her fertility after having a miscarriage in 2013. In 2016, having nearly died, and to save her life Terry says she was left with only one choice, and that was to give up any hope of becoming a mum naturally.

“I had my daughter Alice via donor egg IVF,” she said.

“She is nearly two years old.

Terry demonstrates baby yoga SUS-191206-153509001

“Miracles do happen.

“She’s our miracle child.

“Alice made me change my way of thinking. Rather than being totally focused on a company that I have worked for nearly 25 years I am now thinking about my family.

“Because of this I have taken on a franchise called Tots Play. It’s a Baby and Toddler development program.”

Terry charts her story via a Blog ( and says she wants to make people aware of how much having a child can change lives and attitude to life, adding:

“I also want parents who have longed for a child to understand that even though they really wanted their baby, it is hard being a parent and it is OK for them not to be OK and to always speak out and ask for help if they are struggling.”

“These classes have enabled me to help other women with the struggles of early motherhood and I have now taken that one step further.

“I’m organising the Bump and Baby show because there is so much out there for new parents and most of the time they don’t know about it or how it can help them.

“I wanted to bring together local businesses to showcase these things for them.

“There will be lots of local businesses that can help pregnant mum’s and new parents.

“There will also be businesses that parents may not have thought about, but could offer a solution to some of their worries.

“The most unlikely stall will be a dog behaviourist.

“My husband and I were really worried about bringing our daughter home to our dog but some pointers beforehand put our minds at rest.

“There’ll be an osteopath because sometimes after a traumatic birth babies need cranial massage. I didn’t know this until a friend said their son had a course.

“And a reflexologist who can relax a pregnant mummy or reduced ankle swelling in a new mum.

“Development groups (like me), fitness classes for mums, free cake, tea and coffee.”

The Bump and Baby Show will be held at All Saints Church, Sidley on Saturday, August 24, 11.30-2.30pm.

Entry £1. Money raised will be donated to Demelza Children’s hospice.

The first 50 families will get a free goodie bag.