Don't miss live gig from Bexhill musicians The Mystic Shed

The Mystic Shed is 'some form of rock duo' from Bexhill comprised of close friends Kit Slawson (17) on drums and Tom '˜Larry Legs' Jones (17) on guitar and vocals.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 4:08 pm
The Mystic Shed

On an irresistible upward trajectory, they will soon be playing a live gig in Platform One on London Road, Bexhill, on the afternoon of Saturday October 13 from 1-2pm.

Kit commented: “The band started about three years ago after we discovered we could both play Smells Like Teen Spirit - a song Tom, to this day, has never heard - on our respective instruments. Over the past two years we’ve been an active part in the flourishing Hastings music scene, and have also performed in London, Tunbridge Wells and Margate.

He added: “Over the past three years our music has evolved considerably and it’s quite hard to describe our music with one genre; it’s loud, heavy, and takes influence from a variety of genres such as jazz, prog rock, and experimental noise. Our contemporaries have described it as “psychedelic”, “punk” and “all of the genres.” A lot of our songs (lyrically) focus on the antics of a wide array of characters, including a horse, a man that lives on/in a sofa and a man with a paper bag on his head.

“We are currently creating our first EP with Hastings music legend Doc Savage, which should be ready to be released around October. In future we hope to return to Margate, find a guitar that Tom can’t break and create a more in-depth musical documentation of the lives of strange people.”

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