News from around the clubs - September 3

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Thursday, 2nd September 2010, 4:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:07 pm

Little Common RBL Women's Section

Our August meeting was well attended with 100 members present.

Our chairman Mrs H. Turner, after the exhortation, welcomed all members to our evening.

We had a letter from Headquarters thanking us for a donation of 1,000 to the Benevolent Fund.

We will be having a Poppy Appeal tea on September 29, do come along.

Our annual dance also supporting the appeal will be held on October 9 and will be line dancing. This is fun to take part in and even more fun to watch.

The outing to Chartwell, despite the long journey, was very enjoyable. Ideas for future events include a visit to Winchester in December for a Christmas market, a trip to the home of the Chelsea Pensioners, which now accommodates ex-service women, and next year a cruise on a river boat from Windsor to Hampton Court. Other suggestions are always welcome by Gill Masterton.

Entries for the county conference competition are still being accepted, as a reminder they include photography, knitting matching hat and gloves. Our speaker for the evening was Mr.Keith Westwood.

The subject of the talk was the History of Keyboard musical instruments mainly relating to the organ. Pipe organs have a history stretching back to the third century BC. The design was very primitive being two boxes on top of each other with pipes inside. Water pressure was used to force air through the pipes to produce sound.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday September 8 at 7pm. We welcome members old and new and their visitors.

The October Club

On Tuesday August 17 several members from the October Club enjoyed a very filling lunch at Di Paolo's, Bexhill. We had very attentive service and an unbelievable amount of food.

The next meeting is Tuesday September 7 when we hope to enjoy a flower arranging demonstration. On Tuesday October 5, the Club will be celebrating its first birthday with food and entertainment.

If you would like to attend this event please contact Marcia 01424 731006 to ensure everyone is catered for.


At our meeting on August 5, members and guests were privileged to hear a talk given by Mr Norman Franks of Sussex Air Ambulance which is a division of Kent Air Ambulance Trust, as is Surrey Air Ambulance. Air Ambulance is funded almost entirely by public donation. It is a fast and reliable service and boasts crew of highly skilled doctors, nurses and paramedics, who can reach otherwise difficult-to-reach patients within five to twenty minutes from its bases at Marden in Kent (which is also HQ) and Dunsfold in Surrey which has a building for staff and a hanger for the helicopter. For instance, Dunsfold is approximately 12 minutes' flying time away from Bexhill. Norman Franks gave details of the helicopter, which is a 3.5m McDonald-Douglas 302 with three engines, holding 500 litres of aviation fuel, carries 1/2m worth of equipment, and is serviced after ever 50 hours of flying time. Norman received an enthusiastic welcome and heartfelt thanks, leaving us with recurring memories of how grateful we are that there are such people as those described above who are prepared to rescue others and save lives of our neighbours, friends, family and (let it be said) possible ourselves.

Rotary Club of Senlac

Michelle Flux and Heather White (working in local colleges), representing Connexions 360 were welcomed as guest speakers to the Rotary Club of Senlac. Connexions 360 was set up in the late 1990s as the local brand for a national information, advice and guidance service for youngsters, in response to the Bridging and Gap Report. In East Sussex the contracting model was adopted. Connexions in East Sussex consists of Babcock Enterprise '“universal/careers; CRI Post 16 Intensive Support and YDS Pre 16 Intensive Support. They are personal advisers providing universal support around transition and career choices in accordance with statutory obligation for local authorities and schools to provide access for young people to the service. Service can deliver via individual discussions, group sessions, drop in service, e-mail, IT tools, assemblies, etc. There is particular focus on supportng young people with special educational needs and charged with statutory assessment and transition work for statemented young person's move to college. The majority of the work is conducted in schools by school adviser team. Michelle said her role was equivalent to a senior practitioner or advanced skills teacher linked to caseload plus providing curriculum support, particular focus being on supporting schools in Local Area Partnership to achieve Investor in Careers Quality Award.

Advice on helping was (a) to offer support to events/education business links; (b) passing on your knowledge of the service to those who might need it; (c) encourage younger relations or friends to access the service. Connexions 360 is situated in Hastings.

Following the dual speaker presentation a discussion took place which led to numerous questions as to how many students are successful in securing employment or apprenticeships and are there statistics to support the value of the service. Is the service widely known to employers? Rotarian Wendy Cocker, herself a careers educationalist and responsible for Rotary vocational interests, spoke briefly of her own experiences and offered, on behalf of all Rotarians present a sincere vote of thanks. Join Rotary: to find out more call 01424 211717.

Bexhill Bridge Club

'¢ TEN teams played in the monthly teams competition on August 5: First Norman Taylor, Mary Davidson, Brian Gould and Peter Carbutt. Second Molly Freeman, Sergio Magri, Fergus cameron and Mike Finch. Third Jim Carroll, Ray Bittan, Angie Bittan and Richard Matthews.

'¢ Tuesday Pairs August 10: N/S First: Ray Bittan and Dennis Trendle; second Joan King and Shirley Bodle; third Ray Burnett and Brian Gould. E/W First: Colin Richards and David Gillespie; second Maurice and Sylvia Reeves; third Don Bailey and Richard Matthews.

'¢ Thursday Pairs,August 12: N/S First: Sergio Magri and Ann Hone; second Glynis Bailey and Shirley Bodle; third Brian Gould and Peter Carbutt. E/W First: Anita Cullen and Ray Burnett; second David Gillespie and Pat Collings; third Don Bailey and Trevor Graham.

'¢ Tuesday August 17: First F Cameron and S Magri; equal second A Bittan and R Matthews, and B Spencer-Smith and D Bootes

'¢ Thursday August 19: First N/S A Hone and P Cuthbert; second D Trandle and T Graham; third R and S Thompson. First E/W M and S Reeves; second M Freeman and P Carbutt; third J Sheppard and V Burgess.

'¢ Tuesday August 24: First NS C Richards and R Bittan; second N Newell and S Clark; third J and R Knights. First E/W A Cullen and M Bunyan; second A Spencer and J Winchester; third F Cameron and N Taylor.

'¢ Thursday August 27 1066 Simultaneous Pairs: First N/S G Bailey and S Bodle; second D Cross and R Thompson; third B Spencer-Smith and D Bootes. First E/W D Gillespie and F Cameron; second I Richards and P Hutley; third A Goodwin and J Duffy.

Visitors are welcome, so if you are on holiday in Bexhill and would like a game of Duplicate Bridge, please contact 01424 846570 for initial details.

Royal Naval Association

THE usual reports and comments, on our finances, membership, and social matters were made by the various branch officers. The secretary gave notice of reunions for HM ships. Jamaica, Tiger, Protector, Newcastle, Ulster, and Mohawk, survey ships, and Northern Ireland veterans.

After stand-easy, shipmate Fred Cayton continued his talk on the Charioteers '“ those intrepid volunteers who rode into action on small chariots or 'human torpedoes' which were made of steel and had two seats. The chariots were 22 feet long and carried a 200 lb warhead on the front, and two charioteers could sit astride them. Number One charioteer was in control, and Number Two's job was to attach the warhead to the bottom of the enemy ship. Before each mission they would don their diving outfits, which included a waterproof canvas suit, lead-soled boots, a lead-weighted belt, and breathing apparatus which completely covered the head. The chariots were carried aboard a submarine, which acted as their base. Launching the chariots and controlling them in a rough sea was a hazardous operation. Their final orders were Sink the Italian Fleet, but the latter could not be located at the time, so they were ordered to do maximum damage to whatever craft they encountered in various harbours.

The whole story was one of supreme bravery under the most hazardous and difficult conditions. Some were successful, others not so, but after making their attacks the charioteers had to make for the enemy shore, conceal their suits, and try to evade capture. They were furnished with false German papers, but these, and their shaky efforts at the language, often proved ineffective. Many were captured and taken to Italian prison-camps, and some to camps in Germany, but an intepid few managed to remain at liberty, hiding in woods and hollows, hungry and tired, until they could present themselves to the incoming American or British forces.

All those men and women who have served in any branch of the Royal Navy or the Merchant Navy are assured of a warm welcome as new members. In the response to duty we have found the gift of comradeship. This comradeship is in evidence not only at our Branch Meetings but also at our Christmas socials, at our anniversary dinner and at our annual Trafalgar dinner. Information about joining the RNA, and dates of meetings and events can be obtained by telephoning 01424 219035.

XYZ Club

At our meeting on Friday August 13, the Speaker was Lesley Fairweather accompanied by Rosemary Berry. The subject was the work of The Special Crisis Vehicle staffed by volunteers belonging to the Red Cross, who can be called out anytime to assist the fire brigrade, police and road traffic agencies in the event of a major incident.

After an interesting talk, members had the opportunity to look around the vehicle, which was not equipped like an ambulance, but more like a mobile home, having comfort essentials for the emergency services and people affected by the distressing situation they find themselves in.

We are pleased to give publicity to this not widely known or appreciated service. It is obviously essential when people need all kinds of assistance during such an occurance.

We were pleased to welcome two new members.This happy and friendly club continues to grow, and there are exciting outings and programmes planned for the coming months.

Our activity groups continue to flourish with Knitting, card making, scrabble, strolling, also a computer class is planned for the autumn.

The club meets on the second Friday of the month at Christchurch Church hall (just along from Bexhill Hospital) from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Our next meeting is on Friday September 10, the speaker will be Mr Tim McDonald with a talk and slides on Bulverhythe and The Wreck of the Amsterdam - The wonderful coastline of Hastings and St Leonards.

Contact number for the XYZ Club is 842605.

Widows, Widowers and Over-55s Singles Club

THE group, which meets on Tuesdays from 7.30pm to 10.30pm at the Royal British Legion Club in Town Hall Square, Bexhill, has recently enjoyed outings to Chatham (music cruise) and Maidstone (shopping and cruise).

We continue to support the Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice with regular donations.

Our most recent group event was a "summer holiday" picnic supper, with entertainment from the Goodall Brothers.

Our Christmas dinner dance has been booked for Tuesday, December 7 at Highwoods Golf Club, cost 25 each. We would be pleased to increase our numbers and would welcome any similar groups seeking a suitable venue.

For further information please call the secretary on 01424 712803 or treasurer on 07707 842308.

United Nations Association

RATIONING has long gone, but just how many days food has Britain now got? That's the sort of question to be considered by a local panel of food supply security, organised by Bexhill and Hastings UN Association.

The free public discussion will be chaired by Dr Edward Echlin, an environmentalist and organic gardener. The panellists will be Rachel Holtom of Transition Town Hastings; Angus Radford of the Marine Management Organisation; Nick Ramus, Rother District Councillor and fruit grower, and Carol Ridge, a Hastings allotment holder.

The event will take place from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, September 18, in Parkhurst Hall, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill. Coffee, tea and biscuits

will be available from 10.30, and a ploughman's lunch with local food at 1pm for 2.50.

Bexhill and District Probus Club

OUR speaker this month was Jacqueline Aviolet, from Aylesford, giving us a talk which she called The Story of Water Supply.

Jacqueline bought a plot of land on which to open a horticultural nursery, necessary to keep up with her mail order business which had outgrown her back garden in Gillingham, Kent.

The talk, given in a very light-hearted manner, told of her three-year struggle to get water laid on, and the measures she had to take to keep her plants watered in the meantime.

Our speaker this month is Malcolm Pratt, telling us about Strange Goings-On in a Sussex Borough.

Interested retired businessmen wanting to join us should get in touch with Mike Canning on 01424 220979.