Rhythm of the Dance is a treat for fans of Celtic music & Irish dancing

The thunderous melody of twenty two pairs of shoes tapping in perfect synchronisation will fill the glorious Winter Garden when the celebrated show Rhythm of the Dance returns to Hastings on Saturday (July 15).

Tuesday, 11th July 2017, 11:22 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:49 pm

In what is sure to be a wonderful night showcasing the culture and dance of the Emerald Isle this incredible live show features stunning a range of Irish dance favourites, from the disciplined Celtic Step to the sensual, ancient Sean Nos dance style.

Internationally rated as one of the most popular and successful touring Irish Step Dance shows, it is an unparalleled delight for all Irish dance and Celtic music fans.

Rhythm of the Dance created a new era in Irish entertainment, presenting world champion dancers in this epic production which features a wealth of Irish talent, stunning lighting and staging effects.

The show features a live band, three tenors and 22 exquisite dancers and it’s been seen by in excess of 4.5million people world-wide.

It has been performed all over the world from Australia to Austria via (to name but a few stops on the way) Mexico, America, India, Italy, Malaysia, Holland, Singapore and of course Ireland.

Tickets are priced at £25.50. White Rock Friends receive a £4 discount groups of eight or more also entitled to the £4.00 discount. Concessions: £1.50 off. Call the box office on 01424 462. 288.