Rotary Club of Senlac

ROTARIAN Chris Potter, together with his good lady, Abigail, decided, with the blessing of the Rotary Club of Senlac, to leave UK mainland to travel to various parts of the world experiencing many cultures and participating in part-time work as a means of contributing towards finance commitments.

Friday, 9th January 2009, 8:22 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:14 pm

As a final venture it was to be Cambodia, working three months at the Save Children in Asia Organisation orphanage centre with volunteers, Mr. Samith and family.

The children, boys, age range 9 to 17, are taught English four times a day, six days a week, not only to the children of the orphanage but to around 100 children and adults from the surrounding villages. Having been opened for one year, the centre has now established a small tarpaulin-covered classroom. The boys sleep in the compound of the classroom. Sleeping under the stars is a romantic notion - when malaria and dengue fever are present, it ceases to have that feel.

Funds raised will contribute to building the next phase, this is to be the boy's room and storage.

The enthusiasm to learn English is such that any remaining money will purchase the next level of English books. Limited resources has meant Chris has taught one class from the same book three times.

The children need to progress and desperately want to improve their command of English. The cost of the books is $1 each and the need is to purchase 60.

Learning of this important project the Rotary Club of Senlac acted quickly within the avenue of international service raising funds from festive season raffles and money collected in lieu of Christmas cards to support a worthy project in the name of Rotary International.

Funding, to the sum of 300 sterling was despatched by banker's draft known to be received safely for the purposes intended. Acknowledgement by Rotarian Chris and Abigail was a fitting climax prior to preparing to return to their native shores during January 2009.