Shakespeare’s gem in the great outdoors

Bowler Crab is a theatre group which performs in the splendid great outdoors of Half House Farm in Three Oaks and specialises in Shakespeare.

Friday, 26th June 2015, 3:12 pm
Love's Labour's Lost in Three Oaks mROjrNUnH_9vldd2ingZ
Love's Labour's Lost in Three Oaks mROjrNUnH_9vldd2ingZ

Set against a 16th Century Yeoman farm house, the outdoor theatrical space is the perfect venue for traditional performance such as this one, Love’s Labour’s Lost, which is one of the bard’s revered light-hearted and convoluted romantic comedies.

This is Bowler Crab’s third season at Half House Farm.

Rarely performed, Love’s Labour’s Lost is a delight for fans: the King of Navarre (Henri Hayler) and his men take an oath to forswear the sight of women in the pursuit of scholarly study.

But when politics dictates the visit of the Princess of France (Leanne Clark) and her rather beautiful gentlewomen, the men begin to sweat under the strains of their agreement.

Disguises, misdelivered love letters and embarrassed reactions are abound when the men hide their affections and so begins a battle of the sexes when the women weave hilarious plans to catch the men out.

Meanwhile, the subplot follows: Don Armado a Spaniard whose terrible accent is the butt of everyone’s jokes, his witty page: Mote, Holofernes: a pompous school master, Sir Nathaniel: a prudish curate, Jaquenetta: an oversexed dairy maid, Dull: an underwhelmingly dim officer and Costard: a rustic fool; all of whom attempt to perform an awfully acted play to the lovers.

The performances are outdoors and so audiences are warned to be prepared as of course the weather can necessitate a number of essential items when visiting Half House Farm. It is recommended you bring yourself something warm and waterproof as well as refreshments, picnic blankets are available as are hay bales for seating, however a good camp chair in the boot ensures a more comfortable experience.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful rare romantic comedy performed at the genuine Sixteenth Century Half House Farm with its breathtaking auditorium amid 16 acres of lush Sussex countryside, the yeoman farmhouse functioning as the backdrop to the stage

Directed by Stephen John, performances are on June 20,23,24,26,27,30, and July 3,4 at 7pm with doors open from 6pm, and June 21, 28, July 1 at 3pm with doors open from 2pm.

The performances are Tickets £12.50, available from Hastings Tourism Office or online at