Pictures from The Winkle Club's annual supper

Some 75 members of the historic Hastings Winkle Club gathered on Friday, January 4, at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association for their Annual Supper and to celebrate the Club’s 119 years as a Charity which raises money for local good causes.
Rye Remembrance. Photo by Anthony Kimber PhD. SUS-171113-072606001

Roll of Honour of those killed in the First World War from Bexhill, Rye, Battle and the villages of Rother, East Sussex

The names of The Fallen of The Great War from Rye, Battle and the towns and villages of Rother, East Sussex are recalled here as an act of remembrance.

Names have been taken from - an exemplary resource for anyone interested in discovering more about the impact the First World War had on our communities 100 years ago. It contains much more information than are listed here.

Many of the names have also been sourced from “Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1918” a list created by the HMSO in 1921 and is an official list of war dead.

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