Oldland Mill at Keymer (Mid Sussex) 26.02.16. Opening it's doors again at the start of April. Pic Steve Robards SR1606372 SUS-160226-100659001

Windmills are open for business

Windmills are synonymous with rustic charm, country idylls and romantic, nostalgic notions of family and home.

Caractacus Potts lived in charming chaos in a windmill in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jonathan Creek’s is a house of magic.

There are people, now of a certain age, who remember Windy Miller, of Camblewick Green in Trumptonshire.

Cervantes’ Dox Quixote tilted at windmills and a little mouse with clogs on went clip, clippity clop on the stairs of a windmill in Old Amsterdam.


Easter extravaganza

Pupils were asked to take part in an Easter egg taste test to decide which was the chocolatey favourite.

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