Decision delayed on Little Common cafe’s bid to sell alcohol

Two Trees Cafe (photo from Google Maps Street View)
Two Trees Cafe (photo from Google Maps Street View)

A Little Common cafe’s bid to begin serving alcohol has been adjourned due to concerns around how noise will impact on neighbours. 

On Tuesday (October 22), a licensing panel of Rother district councillors considered a premises application for the Two Tree Cafe in Cooden Beach Road.

During the meeting, the panel heard from applicant Jennifer Talbot that the application came as part of a move to reinvent the cafe as a restaurant, which would open later into the evening and serve alcohol with food. 

However, the hearing was adjourned after panel members heard neighbours Mr and Mrs Hinsley (who live above the premises) had major concerns about the cafe’s noise proofing . 

After retiring to discuss the application, the panel’s chairman Cllr Sally Ann-Hart said: “We feel we can’t grant a licence at the moment until we are satisfied that you have been to consult with an expert who deals with noise. 

“We are going to adjourn this hearing until December 3. That will give you time to consult with a noise consultant who can advise you on various methods you can take

“We are not going to ask you to detail the costs to us, you might go for the cheapest option or the most expensive. 

“That will be up to you, when you have that report, to come back to us and tell us what you are intending to do to ameliorate the noise that will affect Mr and Mrs Hinsley.” 

Mr and Mrs Hinsley had also initially raised concerns about nuisance from smokers standing outside of the cafe, however they said they were satisfied with the mitigations proposed by Mrs Talbot. 

They had also raised concerns about the cafe opening later into the evening.

If granted a licence, the cafe would only be able to serve alcohol with food and only between the hours of 11am and 9pm (6pm on Sundays).