Bexhill pupils praised for assisting collapsed man

Two pupils at a Bexhill Primary School have been praised for their '˜fantastic job' in assisting an elderly gentleman who had collapsed on the pavement.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:30 am
Shianna Westcott and Blake Eden-Rybak

Shianna Westcott and Blake Eden-Rybak – year six pupils at King Offa School, in Bexhill, who had completed a first aid training session just a week before – were walking near Egerton Park when they came across the man on the floor.

They asked him what was hurting and if he wanted an ambulance. Initially he refused saying it was ‘just a knee problem’.

However, the two pupils decided he needed help and called 999.

They explained the situation, where they were and the call handler advised them to put him in the recovery position – which they did, having practiced it at a Safety in Action awareness event, run by the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, a week before.

They also answered questions about his ability to speak, how well he was breathing and whether he was pale or red in the face at all.

While waiting for the ambulance they both chatted to the gentleman. As time went by they called home to explain what had happened and they would be late home.

Shianna said: “We didn’t want them to worry about us and we wanted to let them know we were okay.”

After the man was put into the ambulance they started their journey home and were met by Shianna’s mum who picked them up.

After their brave actions, both Shianna and Blake were presented with a special certificate and medal by Bexhill Lions Club.

Sue Cassell, who heads up the youth committee, said: “We have supported Safety in Action for a number of years as we feel it brings home to the pupils how to avoid risks and dangerous situations in a ‘hands on’ learning environment.

“These two did such a fantastic job and deserved to be recognised.

“They both said they got a lot out of the event, especially concerning railway safety, car stopping distances and electrical safety.

“They have also been working through the supporting safety booklet which everybody is given.

“When asked what their advice would be to pupils going next year they said ‘listen to what is being said, you never know when you might need to use it’.”