GCSE results 2021: St Leonards school students celebrate success

Students at an independent school in St Leonards are celebrating ‘impressive’ GCSE results.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 11:39 am

Claremont Senior School saw nearly half of all results graded at 9-7. Across the school more than 80 per cent of grades were considered to be ‘good passes.

Much like A-levels, grades were submitted by teachers based on evidence from mock exams, coursework and tests.

Ed Dickie, Claremont headmaster, said: “One cannot underestimate the difficulties faced by this cohort of students over the past two years. Successive lockdowns, adapting to online learning and a brutal programme of assessment prior to the submission of grades – no other year group have faced such challenges yet they have emerged with grades that they can be very proud of indeed.

GCSE results 2021: Claremont Senior School SUS-211208-112425001

“Claremont is academically inclusive and I am delighted with those who managed to get 4s and 5s against the odds as much as I am of those who achieved a string of 8s and 9s. These grades are also a tribute to the patience and time put in by parents and guardians over the past eighteen months, keeping their children motivated and working during the darkest days of the pandemic.

“We hope that future year groups will not have to face the same challenges but this year’s cohort can feel that their efforts have been recognised. Claremont is built on the promise to students that we will do all that we can to help them fulfill their potential. The last few years has seen the school delivering on this promise with a growing academic reputation.”

Among the top performers were Lyra Cookson, Rachel Waters and Lekan Ibrahim who all achieved nine 9 or 8 grades while Rebecca King achieved 9s in every one of her subjects.

There were some very strong performances across the science subjects where nearly two thirds of all results achieved were grade 9-7. The humanities all performed very strongly with geography seeing more than 70 per cent of all grades awarded 9-7. The school’s recent shortlisting for Independent School of the Year for Performing Arts was reflected in very strong results in drama, dance and music respectively.

GCSE results 2021: Claremont Senior School SUS-211208-112459001

Mr Dickie added: “These results are a reflection of each of these individuals. We celebrate every one of them who all have their own story to tell. Some are highly academic, others are creatives while some are highly practical learners who embrace the more practical subjects.

“What Claremont is doing is giving each and every student the space and environment to find their way, for them to not only be themselves to find themselves as well. These GCSEs are a good reflection of the diversity of our student body and the success we have in delivering on the potential of young people. We are deeply proud of them all.”

GCSE results 2021: Claremont Senior School SUS-211208-112448001
GCSE results 2021: Claremont Senior School SUS-211208-112437001