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Friday, 15th February 2008, 6:48 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:20 pm


I FAIL to understand why a special meeting of the Bexhill Commercial Association should have been called to consider the Park extension scheme for it resulted in nothing new being done after a long discussion. The whole proceedings were a complete mixture. At the outset the presence of the Press was apparently objected to and a vote taken to see whether the poor scribes were to be relieved of what turned out to be an irksome and dull duty. Although I recognise the association as representing the commercial community of Bexhill, yet I think they were unjustified in expressing their opinions regarding a scheme of which they absolutely knew nothing beyond what had appeared in print. -From comment column.


HOPES of new industry coming to town are given in the latest report of the Borough Development Committee, who received an outline application for industrial development on the De La Warr-road site and were told that a second prospective developer was also interested in the same site.

BEXHILL Coastguard Mr. S.J. Naylor was alerted on Sunday morning to be on the look-out for a Danish cargo ship, the Else Skou (1,958 tons) of Copenhagen, which had been in collision in fog with another vessel 15 miles South West of the Royal Sovereign lightship. The Danish vessel had been reported holed and listing and it was feared she might have to be beached.


CARS 'zig-zagged' past the stop barriers and flashing red warning lights of the automatic level crossing control at Herbrand Walk (Pevensey Sluice) on Sunday evening after the system jammed in the 'stop' position. British Rail notices, near al crossings of this type, warn that it is highly dangerous to weave past the closed barriers when the warning lights are on.

THE well-known Bexhill firm of Longley Brothers, Devonshire Road, is one of 44 department stores taking part in a new venture in co-operational retailing. The object is to pool resources and buying power, much as grocers, chemists and hardware merchants have done.


ROTHER council could face a ratepayers' rebellion over a decision to "have a factory at the bottom of their gardens." And the man leading the protest is aptly named Mr Churchill '“ not Winston but Tom, of Jameson Road. He was ordered to sit down after interrupting a council meeting on Monday which approved plans for a reproduction furniture factory.

A NEW concept in housing for the elderly '“ if you no longer want the worry of paying the repair bills for your home, simply give it away. The scheme is not as crazy as it sounds. It has worked successfully elsewhere. Now Mrs Gwen Emslie, secretary of the Manor Housing Association Ltd., hopes a scheme can be launched by the non-profit organisation in Bexhill.


A CRISIS is looming at Pebsham gipsy site where on Monday one of the gipsies blocked the road to the tip for two hours with his lorry. He has threatened further disruption and is prepared to go to prison over conditions at the site. His anger was provoked by a fire at the nearby tip which burned for over four hours.

BOTH Bexhill Hospital's 15-bed surgical wards and its operating theatre could be surplus to requirements after the Conquest Hospital opens at Hastings in 1992. The revelation comes as the result of close questioning by the hospital's League of Friends review group chairman Mr Martin Craddock.


POLICE seized drugs worth 20,000in simultaneous dawn raids this week. Twenty-five officers with three police dogs swooped on addresses in Bexhill, Hastings and Ticehurst. Six drugs warrants were issued during Operation Bermuda. Two people from Sidley were among eight arrestd.

THE Do It All DIY store in Sidley is to close with the loss of 18 jobs. The Danish supermarket chain Netto is still thinking about whether to take over the prime Ninfield Road site and car park. Do It All says it has had to close because the store does not meet the company criteria for size and location. It says it has been making "every effort" to re-deploy as many staff as possible within Do It All and the Boots group, which includes Halfords.