High-energy,throbbing sound from band reformed

Expandis - The Rise of Psychomouse, The Carlisle, Hastings, March 31. Review by Johnny Mason.

Friday, 19th April 2013, 6:00 am

To celebrate the launch of their new EP Rise, Expandis are back after a 30-year break, now a two piece; the amazing John Wilde aka ‘Psychomouse’ on vocals and multi talented Phil Thornton on guitar, keyboards and any number of taped oddities.

They take their influences from Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, DAF and Yellow Magic Orchestra, with a high energy mystic trippy throbbing sound that works its way into your brain and won’t go away, moving you like nothing else.

All eyes were transfixed on John, who was in full make up and Disney ears, dancing around like a man possessed, with a nightmarish evil menacing grin.

The stand out track for me is the more mellow Prayer Mat from the new CD with John’s vocals at their very best.

They also treated us to some covers including Prince’s Sign O The Times. Some old classics were played including the disturbing Everything Stops For Baby and I Don’t Mind The Noise which is always loved by the crowd.