Insight into royal family torn apart

An insight into the Royal Family, Crown Matrimonial by Royce Ryton will be at The Stables Theatre, Hastings, from April 12 to 20.

Friday, 5th April 2013, 6:00 am
Cast of Crown Matrimonal. Photograph top left to bottom right shows cast members in various roles: Jo Flay, Fiona Wilson, Jo Flay, Nicholas Rowland, Janet Tachauer, Jason Newton

The play provides an intriguing insight into the private lives of Queen Mary and her family that will appeal to drama lovers and historians alike.

On the surface, Edward VIII gave up his throne for the love of Wallis Simpson, but was it actually as straight-forward?

The Prince of Wales was a charismatic figure, charming, gregarious and relaxed.

He was enormously popular with the people of Britain, and yet there was a darker side too, less often revealed.

The play will have audiences questioning everything they assumed about this significant period in British history.

The story is told from the point of view of Queen Mary and family members around her, and the abdication crisis is played out in her private rooms, with her family as protagonists.

It is a family torn apart by what constitutes duty and love.

Tickets are £12.50/£7.50. Call the box office on 01424 423221 or visit