A chilli night out for town’s Labour faithful

labour party night out at the chilli tree
labour party night out at the chilli tree

Saturday night saw an enthusiastic gathering of 41 Bexhill and Battle Labour Party members and supporters for a fundraising and campaigning event.

The special guests for the evening at the Chilli Tree were Michelle Thew, Bexhill and Battle Labour Parliamentary candidate, and Sarah Owen, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye.

Michelle spoke of her life-long comittment to the Labour party.

From her background in a mining family in the North-East, Michelle talked of how her life spent advocating for those in need, managing charities supporting families, young people and children, had strengthened her desire to ensure that society works for everyone. Michelle recounted running services in a special educational needs department of a Labour County Council, where parents moved into the county to get the provision that their children desperately needed.

Since leading an international animal charity, Michelle has worked extensively in Parliament, lobbying MPs to get much-needed changes to the law.

This has given her the conviction that the country needs better representatives, those determined to make a difference.

Michelle said: ’With both the general election and district council elections this May, the Labour Party is reaching out to everyone in the constituency. From from Bexhill and Battle to Etchingham and Ticehurst, from Heathfield to Robertsbridge and Beckley, Labour will be connecting with communities and offering a positive choice this May.”

Recounting the evening Sarah Owen said: “It was fantastic to join Bexhill and Battle Labour Party for their fundraiser at the weekend.

“ Real life doesn’t often work within the constraints of constituency boundaries and neither does our shared aim for better paid jobs in an area that has seen real term wages fall by 11.9 per cent, a stronger NHS where we have seen waiting times increase and a secure future for public transport, as was seen by our successful bus campaign to save 99 bus routes across East Sussex.

“I hope the money raised will support the local party to help share the message that Labour can win and be a genuine alternative in Bexhill and Battle with fantastic local council candidates and the brilliant Michelle Thew for MP.”

Cllr Maurice Watson and his wife Ann were pleased to see so many members and supporters at the evening, which set the tone for the campaign to put the Labour Party case to the electorate, by giving them an informed choice before the elections.

The Labour Party wish to thank Salah Uddin and his staff at The Chilli Tree and Paul Courtel, and Margaret Tippin for organising the evening.