A constitutional issue for Rother

Rother District Council
Rother District Council

From: Dr Barry Snape, Mayo Lane, Bexhill

How refreshing to see the old guard at Rother District Council being given their marching orders on May 2, and being comprehensively replaced by a rainbow alliance of fresh and eager new faces!

The emphatic dismissal of the deputy mayor for Bexhill raises a fascinating constitutional issue for Rother: can a person who is not a District Council member, and who therefore lacks the confidence of the electorate, be permitted to sit as town mayor? We must look forward to the solution to this self-inflicted conundrum with great interest.

Finally, it was particularly gratifying to see Sam Coleman win his seat as a Member for the Sidley Ward. He must, surely, be one of the youngest bright stars ever elected for Rother. Rumble, young man!