Appeal for help to find two men who helped after crash

News. Photo: Shutterstock
News. Photo: Shutterstock

A man is trying to track down two good samaritans who helped him after a motorbike crash, so he can thank them.

Bobby Johnson was involved in a collision on Thursday, September 28 shortly before 3pm, in Coneyburrow Lane coming off the A259.

Two men dashed to help him following the crash, and now Bobby would like to find them to thank them in person.

He said: “I’m trying to find the two men who stopped and helped me in my time of need, so I can personally thank them.

“The only details I have to go on is one man was called Graham, if I remember correctly, with dark hair – lovely gentleman, a biker himself, he was transporting a patient from the hospital and I believe he works for Patient Transport Services. I only think that’s where he works due to the logo on his navy polo shirt. I know his birthday is January 4 because mine is the day before, which he told me. That’s the only information I have to go on.

“He was amazing, he phoned emergency services, kept me calm, warm and still until the police and ambulance arrived. The blanket ‘Graham’ kept me warm with, I think, had MediFine written on it, I’m not sure if that’s of any use.

“The other man stopped a short while after the initial crash I believe as I don’t remember seeing him, but he was wearing a red t-shirt and he had glasses. He was either bald or had a very short hair cut. He helped transport my bike home.

“I would love to be able to personally thank these two men for stopping and helping me when I was at my most vulnerable. If anyone is able to give me anymore information to go with I’d be very grateful.”

Anyone with information should contact the Observer on 01424 854242 or email