Barby Keel's shop features on TV for doing what it says on the tin!

The Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary charity shop has been featured in a BBC programme as possibly one of the only charities in Britain that puts the most back into the charity out of every pound spent.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 12:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 12:48 pm
Shop manageress Susan Baxter (centre) with Joan Boylin (left) and Yvonne Ward (right) outside Barby Keel's charity shop in Bexhill. SUS-180613-104227001

BBC’s ‘Britain’s Charity Cheats’ reveals charity scammers, those that commit fraud or don’t give value for money but also focuses on charities that do what it says on the tin and helps those in need.

Kevin Duala, the show’s presenter, and a film crew were in Bexhill recently. The town has earned itself the reputation of being the charity shop capitol of Britain; at the last count there were twenty six charity shops in the town centre.

Kevin and his crew filmed around the town and focused on Barby’s shop in St Leonards Road. Manager Susan Baxter says it was quite an experience. “The BBC spent the whole day with us and were really impressed by the shop as a whole, they said it was the best charity shop they’d ever been in!”

The show revealed that while on average a mere 19p of every one pound spent in charity shops makes it’s way back to the charity, Barby Keel’s shop puts back 65p out of every £1. The charity is non-profit making, rehoming or providing permanent refuge for abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. Susan said sadly, shoplifting is a regular occurrence and they have had to install CCTV, adding: “People are appalled and horrified that people steal from us. The thieves are taking money from the animals. Barby does an amazing job with the Sanctuary and is very well thought of in Bexhill.”