Battle reader remembering the embattled

Poppy SUS-191018-113427001
Poppy SUS-191018-113427001

From: Johnnie Elliott, Caldbec Hill, Battle

My Grandfather enlisted on the 20.2.1915. Grandfather lived at 1 Southcote Road, South Norwood.

Grandfather served for four years and 51 days. After training, Arch’d was in France for one year and 60 days.

At home, we have a couple of books from the Camp Library, a great family heirloom for us Elliott boys to have. Both books are over 100 years old. I would expect Grandfather kept them both as a reminder of his time as a POW. The first book by Brette & Masson is titled First French Reader. The second book is titled The Mother Tongue, by Adamson & Cock. The return date for both books is 2.10.18. Thousands and thousands of brave young English soldiers gave their lives for this great country.

This is why East Sussex comes to a complete stand still for two minutes on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.

We Will Remember Them.