Bestsellers Book Signing

Local writer Patricia Rogers was in Bestsellers on Saturday for a book signing session and to meet members of the public.

Sunday, 9th December 2007, 12:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:23 pm

In front on a table decorated with copies of her novel The Strands Of Life, Patricia commented: "This is great fun - it is a social occasion really. It has been lovely, I am just sorry it is such a rotten day with the weather, but I love it."

The book is her first and is based on her own life experiences growing up in Southern Ireland.

She has lived in Bexhill for seven years.

"The book is a good read. Everybody who has one I always ask to let me know what they think. And they all come back with the same thing - they say they couldn't put it down, and they wish it could have been longer."

The owner of Bestsellers at the corner of Sea Road and St Leonards Road, Mike Lynott, commented: "I think the weather was against us today...If it had been nice I think we would have been packed. It is a shame but I will do another one in a few months, and I am looking forward now to doing a lot more book signings."

Next Saturday he is holding a book signing with Jenny Hall, another Bexhill based author, who will have copies of her children's books On The Dragon's Breath, and The Glaston Giant, which are both imaginative fantasy stories.