Beware of scammers in Bexhill

Call the newsdesk on 01424 854242
Call the newsdesk on 01424 854242

People in Bexhill are being urged to beware of a postal scam spotted by a local man.

His suspicions were aroused after he got a letter telling him he had won £720,000.

It claimed to come from the Euromillions International Postcode Lottery and said that a mix-up of names and numbers meant the tax-free fortune was his.

But to get it, he was asked to contact a foreign service manager and provide various details to process the win. Despite its official appearance and having the vice-president of the International Lottery Promotions as its signatory, the letter did not fool its recipient.

He reported it to Bexhill Police and prompted a warning to others who might get a similar letter to be on their guard.

Sergeant Mark Evans said: “It’s very tempting to reply - who wouldn’t want to win such a wonderful prize?

“But if you get a letter like this, please do nothing before contacting Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Its website can be found at www.action”

Sgt Evans added: “All information is good information when tracking down those responsible for the network of scams that continue to plague people, and particularly elderly people.

“Please be careful.”